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Pathé Unlimited Subscription Privacy Policy


Pathé Theatres B.V. (also doing business as Pathé Unlimited) processes the Subscriber’s personal data, such as the name, address, date of birth, sex, telephone number, e-mail address, bank account information and photograph, in the context of a Subscription. Pathé also keeps track of information regarding which film showings have been attended and for which films showings reservations have been made.

Those data are used to administer the Subscription, identify the Subscriber and verify the identity in order to comply with statutory obligations, for the purposes of analyses in order to improve the services provided and to keep the Subscriber informed, on a voluntary basis, about interesting developments and Pathé’s services by sending information. That information can be customized on the basis of the Subscriber’s personal data. We can send that information to the Subscriber by post, telephone, text message or e-mail.


The Subscriber is entitled to request Pathé to give him/her an opportunity to inspect the personal data that have been processed and/or to improve them, supplement them, delete them or protect them. The Subscriber can contact Customer Service to do so (see Article 9.1 of the Subscription Terms and Conditions). The Subscriber also can contact Customer Service to object to the use of personal data for direct marketing purposes and/or the receipt (or further receipt) of certain or all marketing information, in which case Pathé will not send the Subscriber (or will cease sending the Subscriber) any marketing information. The electronic newsletter that Pathé sends the Subscriber upon request, as well as other marketing information that Pathé sends, also contains an ‘unsubscribe option’. If the Subscriber chooses that option, he no longer will receive the newsletter and/or such information.


Pathé may use the services of third parties to process Subscribers’ data in accordance with this Privacy Policy, in which case those third parties will act as the processor for Pathé and Pathé will ensure that those parties offer sufficient safeguards with respect to technical and organisational security measures. Third parties that act as processors for Pathé have concluded a processor agreement with Pathé pursuant to which, among other things, they may process personal data only on Pathé’s instructions. Otherwise, Pathé provides data to third parties only with the Subscriber’s prior consent or in the event that it is obliged to do so on the ground of the applicable laws and regulations, it is forced to do so as a result of a legal action and/or in the event that it considers it necessary to do so in order to protect its own interests.


Pathé has taken appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect Subscribers’ data against loss or unauthorized processing.


In the future it is possible that one or more business units or assets of Pathé’s may be transferred to a third party or that Pathé may merge with a third party, in which case Subscribers’ personal data also could be transferred to that third party. Pathé will always notify the Subscriber in advance in such a situation.


Subscriber’s data are not allowed be to retained longer than necessary. The condition of the retention period is depending on the purpose for which Pathé has gathered the information. Personal data can be removed upon request, unless certain personal data is legally required to obtain for a longer period.