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Pathé Theatre

Pathé Pathé Theatre

Pathé Theatre

Pathé Theatre brings you live screenings of famous theatre plays and stand-up comedians in our cinemas.

With Pathé Theatre you will be able to enjoy special screenings from the National Theatre in London, the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-upon-Avon and the Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company from London’s Garrick Theatre.

Comedie Francaise: Scapin the Scemer

Buy tickets for 01 February

NT Live: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Buy tickets for 22 February

RSC: Twelfth Night

Buy tickets for 08 March

NT Live: Julius Caesar

Buy tickets for 22 March

Comedie Francaise: The Fop Reformed

Buy tickets for 19 April

NT Live: Macbeth (2018)

Buy tickets for 10 May

An American in Paris - The Musical

Buy tickets for 16 May

RSC: Romeo & Juliet

Buy tickets for 16 August

Comedie Francaise: Britannicus

Buy tickets for 20 September

RSC: Macbeth

Buy tickets for 04 October

RSC: The Merry Wives

Buy tickets for 01 November