• Change your subscription
  • Add friends to your friends list
  • Pause your subscription

You are part of the Club!

How nice that you've signed up for a Club Pathé subscription. As a member, you'll enjoy great benefits, special member nights, and automatically earn points for discounts and cool items. Here, you'll find all the information you need to know about your Club Pathé membership and your subscription.

Discount on drinks & bites

At Pathé, we understand that enjoying a movie to the fullest includes having a tasty snack. After all, who can resist the smell of popcorn? When you choose an Unlimited, Unlimited Gold, or Family subscription, you always get a discount at the cinema on your favorite movie snacks. This discount can go up to 25%! Just have your digital pass scanned at the checkout to enjoy your ultimate movie experience!

Discount on Pathé Thuis movies

As a subscriber, you will receive monthly discounts on Pathé Thuis movies. With over 4500 films, Pathé Thuis offers the largest on-demand movie selection in the Netherlands, including both the latest releases and the best classics. You will receive an email each month with a unique discount code valid for 4 films. With this code, you will only pay €2.99 for new HD rental films on Pathé Thuis. Premium films and films you can purchase are excluded.

Add your friends using the friends function

With the friends function, you can easily book movies for your friends with a Pathé subscription in the Pathé App.

  • Add your friends with a Club Pathé account. Go to 'My Pathé' and click on 'Friends' in the Pathé app or on the website.
  • Invite your friend by entering their email address and have them accept the invitation.
  • Choose your favorite movie and select a minimum of two tickets. For the second ticket, choose your friend's subscription from the dropdown.
  • Under the ticket, you'll see 'Choose an account with a subscription', select your friend for whom you want to reserve a ticket.

Change your subscription

Does your subscription no longer fit your ultimate movie experience? Do you want to bring your little ones to enjoy the best children's films together? Or does that one friend also love the same movies as you? You can easily switch bundles or expand your subscription with extras in your personal account.

Take it easy for a month?

Sometimes you just do not have the time to enjoy our movie selection at our cinemas. No worries, we've got your back! With an Unlimited, Unlimited Gold, or Family bundle, you can pause your subscription for a whole month, once every year. With an Explorer bundle, you can save movies for up to 1 month.


My club pathé

  • Manage tickets easily
  • Change your preferences and interests
  • Save for discounts

Earn and win

  • Earn points with every Pathé visit
  • Use points for discounts in the shop
  • Participate in challenges and giveaways

Member nights

  • Special movie nights for all members
  • Extra member nights for subscribers
  • Free snacks or drinks

Download the Club Pathé App

To make the most of your earned points, download the special Club Pathé app. Here, you'll find the digital shop, your current points balance, and your purchased product vouchers.