Pathé Scheveningen Den Haag

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This cinema is pin only.

Pathé Scheveningen is renovating with Relax Seats. As a result, fewer screenings are currently showing. Click here for more information regarding the Relax Seats.

Films at Pathé Scheveningen

Pathé Scheveningen

Parking Strand The parking fee is €3,50 per hour. You can buy a voucher at the cinema for €6,50, with this voucher you can park for 4 hours.
Disabled parking spaces The nearest disabled parking space can be found directly in front of Pathé Scheveningen, at Kurhausweg 2.
Adres Zwolsestraat 426
Tarief € 3,50

Interparking Boulevard Book a parking space online with a 15% discount code: PATHE15 via
Adres Strandweg 179
Tarief € 0,00

Public Transport
Bus If you come to Pathé Scheveningen by public transport, you can plan your journey (for example, via to tram/bus stop Kurhausweg.
Opening hours
dagelijks vanaf 15 minuten voor aanvang van de eerste voorstelling
General information
Stoelen 878, of which 496 Relax Seats and 95 seats in 4DX
Grootste zaal Room 4 Dolby Cinema, 287 seats
Klimaatcontrole Ja
Zalen 7
Geluidssysteem Dolby Digital
Support Wheelchair facilities: All rooms are wheelchair-accessible and at ground level (via lift). Lift to be used only with the help of a staff member. Disabled toilet available.
Auditory and visual support: by means of Subcatch & Earcatch.
Lost & Found: Found objects are posted on within 48 hours.
Nuisance SMS code: SMS 'SCHEV' 'room number' 'reason for support' naar 3669.