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In this cinema you can only pay by card.

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Pathé Buitenhof

Q-Park Grote Markt & Q-Park Centrum openen 24/7. The rate is €3.60 to €5.60 per hour (depending on the day and time of visit). After you bought your film ticket online, you can easily and quickly order a discount card for €9.50 via the link to Q-Park. This allows you to park for 4 hours. The advantage card can only be purchased online before entering the cinema and is not available at the cinema.
Adres Kalvermarkt 32 G | Amsterdamse Veerkade 30
Tarief € 5,60

Public Transport
Tram If you are travelling to Pathé Buitenhof by public transport, you can plan your journey (e.g. via to the nearest Gravenstraat tram stop.
Opening hours
dagelijks The cinema opens 15 minutes before the start of the first screening and closes 10 minutes after the start of the last screening.
General information
Stoelen 1279
Grootste zaal Zaal 1: 393 stoelen
Klimaatcontrole Ja
Zalen 6
Geluidssysteem Dolby Digital 7.1
Rolstoelmogelijkheden Wheelchair facilities: All rooms are wheelchair-accessible and at ground level (via lift). Disabled toilet available.
Auditory and visual support: by means of Subcatch & Earcatch.
Found objects: Found objects will be posted on within 48 hours.
Nuisance SMS code: SMS 'BUIT' 'room number' 'reason for report' to 3669.