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Until September 2024 construction work is taking place around the ring road in Groningen, which makes it more difficult to reach Pathé Groningen. Therefore, keep in mind to leave home on time, or preferably take public transportation so you don't have to miss anything from the movie.

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Pathé Groningen

Biosparking The parking fee is € 1.00 per 17 minutes, with a maximum daily rate of € 22.00. With a Pcard+ you pay € 0.80 per 15 minutes with a maximum daily rate of  €17.60. You can reserve your parking space in advance via Interparking's website.
Disabled parking spots The nearest disabled parking space can be found on Gedempte Zuiderdiep off number 94.
Adres Ruiterstraat 12
Tarief € 1,00

Q-Park Museum Centre Reserve your parking space with advantage at Q-Park and pay € 1.- per 16 minutes with a maximum daily rate of € 22.-
Adres Herepoortenmolendrift 2
Tarief € 1,00

Public Transport
Bus If you come to Pathé Groningen by public transport, you can plan your journey (for example, via www.9292.nl) to bus stop Zuiderdiep.
Opening hours
maandag t/m vrijdag vanaf 11:30 uur
zaterdag en zondag vanaf 10:00 uur
General information
Stoelen 1671
Grootste zaal Zaal 1: 545 stoelen
Klimaatcontrole Ja
Zalen 9
Geluidssysteem Dolby Digital 7.1
Rolstoelmogelijkheden Wheelchair facilities: All rooms are wheelchair-accessible and at ground level (via lift). Lift to be used only with the help of a staff member. Disabled toilet available.
Auditory and visual support: by means of Subcatch & Earcatch.
Lost & Found: Found objects are posted on ILost.co within 48 hours.
Nuisance SMS code: SMS 'GRON' 'room number' 'reason for support' naar 3669.