Pathé Groningen Groningen

Extra information Pathé Groningen

In this cinema you can only pay by card.

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Pathé Groningen

Biosparking The parking fee is € 3,00 per hour.
Disabled parking spots The nearest disabled parking space can be found on Gedempte Zuiderdiep off number 94.
Adres Ruiterstraat 12
Tarief € 3,00

Adres Herepoortenmolendrift 2
Tarief € 4,00

Public Transport
Bus If you come to Pathé Groningen by public transport, you can plan your journey (for example, via to bus stop Zuiderdiep.
Opening hours
maandag t/m vrijdag vanaf 11:30 uur
zaterdag en zondag vanaf 10:00 uur
General information
Stoelen 1671
Grootste zaal Zaal 1: 545 stoelen
Klimaatcontrole Ja
Zalen 9
Geluidssysteem Dolby Digital 7.1
Rolstoelmogelijkheden Wheelchair facilities: All rooms are wheelchair-accessible and at ground level (via lift). Lift to be used only with the help of a staff member. Disabled toilet available.
Auditory and visual support: by means of Subcatch & Earcatch.
Lost & Found: Found objects are posted on within 48 hours.
Nuisance SMS code: SMS 'GRON' 'room number' 'reason for support' naar 3669.