Pathé Groningen Groningen

Extra information Pathé Groningen

All Pathé cinemas are closed, due to the new regulations and guidelines of the Dutch government. The safety of our visitors and employees is our main priority and we will follow these new regulations. Our cinemas will be closed until April 20. For more information visit

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Pathé Groningen

Biosparking The parking fee is €0,50 per 12 minutes. The hourly fee is €2,50.
Adres Ruiterstraat 12
Tarief € 2,50

Public Transport
Bus 1, 61
Opening hours
maandag t/m vrijdag vanaf 10:30 uur
zaterdag en zondag vanaf 10:00 uur
General information
Stoelen 1671
Grootste zaal Zaal 1: 545 stoelen
Klimaatcontrole Ja
Zalen 9
Geluidssysteem Dolby Digital 7.1
Rolstoelmogelijkheden Yes, please contact Pathé Customer Service via