Pathé Eindhoven Eindhoven

Extra information Pathé Eindhoven

Our cafés, shops and buffets are temporarily closed due to government regulations. You are allowed to bring your own snacks (popcorn, chips etc). Opened foods such as sandwiches, fastfood and pizza are not allowed. Alcohol is also not allowed. For more information visit

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Pathé Eindhoven

Heuvel Day ticket €14,-
Adres Ten Hagestraat 6a
Tarief € 2,50

Parking Mathildelaan Day ticket €19,50
Adres Mathildelaan 2a
Tarief € 2,80

Stationsplein / VVV
Adres Stationsplein
Tarief € 3,50

Public Transport
Centraal Station Centraal Station Eindhoven is op loopafstand van de bioscoop.
Opening hours
maandag t/m vrijdag vanaf 10:45 uur
zaterdag & zondag vanaf 09:45 uur
General information
Stoelen 1662
Grootste zaal Zaal 8: 437 stoelen
Klimaatcontrole Ja
Zalen 8
Geluidssysteem Dolby Digital 7.1, IMAX Sound
Rolstoelmogelijkheden Yes, please contact Pathé Customer Service via
Invalidentoilet Ja