This is the Cookie Statement of Pathé Theaters B.V. (hereafter Pathé). It explains how the pathé.nl website (hereafter the "Website") and the Pathé App mobile application (hereafter the "App") use cookies and similar techniques.

Accept cookies for a personal website uses cookies to provide you with the best possible service, but also to continuously improve our website. By clicking 'Yes' you approve of this and declare being older than 16. We then will be able to use your website behaviour and your account to personalise your website session, advertising (by Disney and Pathe) and to send relevant information per email. By clicking 'No' we will only place cookies for analytical purposes. Read more about cookies and your privacy on our website privacy statement. Manage your cookies via the cookie statement.

Which cookies do we place?

The following information is known to us about your visit.


Cookies to save and measure your browse data and the information you provide for us on the website, to provide more relevant and personalized website, emails and advertising. BlueConic saves the following personal information if the cookie recognises this during your session: your city, postal code gender, language of your browser, your mailadress, type of device and your browser. BlueConic also save the movie names of film pages you visit.

Functional cookies

The following functional cookies are also placed when you approve with our cookie policy.

Functional cookies
Cookie Doel Placed by/domain Period of data storage
Device Used to determine and save the type of device used to visit the website, to correctly show the website. 1 year
SERVERID Is used to direct website traffic to the correct server. sesion
jwplayerLocalId Used to adjust the video quality based on the device and network of the site visitor. persistent
test_cookie Used by DoubleClick to see if cookies can be placed. 1 day
Analytical cookies
Cookie Doel Placed by/domain Period of data storage
Google Analytics Cookies to analyse website visits and behaviour. Google 6 months
bounce Used to determine the correct device to properly display the website. sesion (pixel)
Hotjar Qualitative research into the online behaviour of our users. Hotjar 6 months

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Advertising cookies

The following advertisement cookies are also placed when you approve with our cookie policy.

CookiePurposePlaced byPeriod of data storage
BlueConicCookies to measure and save the data you provide and your website behaviour to provide more relevant and personalized web content, mails and advertising.BlueConic6 months
Google AdWords RemarketingCookies to make Google Advertising from Pathé more relevant and personalized and to measure campaign results.Google6 months
Facebook AdvertisingCookies to make Facebook Advertising from Pathé more relevant and personalized and to measure campaign results. Facebook 6 months
DoubleClick Cookies to make advertising on Pathé.nl more relevant and to measure campaign results. Doubleclick6 months
DoubleClick Cookies to make movie advertising from film distributors more relevant and personalized and to measure campaign results. Justpremium6 months
TikTok Advertising Cookies to make Pathé TikTok advertisements more relevant from website information and to measure results.TikTok 6 months
In order to show advertising on we make use of Ad Technology Providers (ATPs). When giving your cookie consent, these ATPs use cookies to access and store information, to select, deliver and report on advertising campaigns. All ATPs follow official GDPR regulations in order to perform their tasks, including the amount of time data is allowed to be stored. More information can be found in this link. You can see all our current ATPs on this page.

Our Cookie statement

1. What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer, smartphone or other device when you visit our Website or App. Cookies help us to function, analyze and personalize the website. Cookies remember data from your previous visit in order for the Website or App to work better and display more relevant information to you.

We use so-called first party cookies (Pathé's own cookies) and third-party cookies.

Pathé also uses techniques similar to cookies, such as web beacons and link tracking. Web beacons check if you have seen a certain web page or e-mail. With link tracking, certain elements are added to a URL, so that we can recognize you when you click via our newsletter to the Website.

Cookies do not allow us to access your computer, smartphone or other device, nor do they allow us to access any information other than that for which you have given us permission. We give you the choice to accept or reject cookies (with the exception of functional cookies and cookies with a minor impact on your privacy). You can also adjust your web browser settings to refuse cookies. As a result, it is possible that our website is no longer fully functional.

2. Types of Cookies
Pathé uses the following types of cookies (and similar techniques):

- Functional cookies. These cookies are necessary to provide the services you have requested, for example to ensure that you do not have to log in again and again.

- Analytical cookies (first and third-party). These include, for example, cookies (from third parties) that analyse and map the use of the Website and App in order to improve the quality and/or effectiveness of the Website and App, and affiliate cookies that track which advertisement leads to the purchase of a particular product, so that the person who has shown this advertisement (the affiliate) can receive a reward for it from the advertiser. The statistics and other reports cannot be traced back to individuals.

We are currently measuring the statistics using tools from the following parties:
- Google Analytics

- Tracking cookies (first and third-party). These are cookies that are used to save your surfing behaviour, so that we (or third parties) can present you with targeted offers and display content that is relevant to you. We do this not only through the Website, but also through advertisements that are shown. If tracking cookies are not used, this does not mean that you will not see any advertisements. In that case, the advertisements are no longer tailored to your personal preferences and interests.

- Social media plugins. The content you view on our website can be shared by means of buttons via social media. We use cookies from the social media parties, so that they recognize you when you want to share something.

3. Consent
When you visit our Website or install the App, we ask permission to use cookies by showing you a clear message.

4. Revoke consent/delete cookies
You can revoke your consent at any time by deleting all cookies in your browser, by selecting 'No, I only want minimal cookies' and/or setting your browser to refuse cookies. Blocking or deleting cookies may result in certain parts of the Website and/or App not working (optimally). It is also possible that when all cookies are deleted, so-called "do not track" or "opt out" cookies are deleted, which again asks for your permission.

5. Privacy Statement
The information collected by means of cookies or otherwise read out may contain personal data, such as your IP address. If this is the case, the processing of this personal data is also subject of the Privacy Statement of Pathé.

6. Changes
This Cookie Statement may be modified. Changes to this Cookie Statement will be announced on this page.

7. Questions
If you have any questions about this Cookie Statement, please send an e-mail to

This page was last modified on 6-12-2019.