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Check for entrance
You and your fellow visitors are only allowed to visit the cinema with a valid QR code from the CoronaCheck app and starting from age 14 in combination with a valid ID (Passport, IDcard or Driver’s License ). Children up to 12 years old will not be asked to show a QR-code from the CoronaCheck app.  For more information regarding the CoronaCheck app, please visit

On Saturday November 27 our shops and buffets will be open until 8PM. As of Sunday November 28, the 1,5M distance regulation applies in our cinema. Facemasks are required when walking through the cinema.

Pathé Tuschinski

APCOA Prins en Keizer Pathé visitors can buy a discount tickets for parking garage APCOA Prins and Keizer. Thetickets are €10,00 for 3 hours. The regular parking fee is € 6,00 per hour.
Adres Prinsengracht 927
Tarief € 6,00

Parkeergarage The Bank Pathé visitors can buy vouchers for parking garage The Bank at the counter. The voucher allows you to park the third hour for free. The regular fee is €6,- per hour.
Adres Amstelstraat 12
Tarief € 6,00

Public Transport
Tram 4, 14
Opening hours
dagelijks from 09:30 uur
General information
Seats 1431
Largest Room Cinema Room1: 735 seats
Climate control Yes
Cinema Rooms 6
Sound System Dolby Digital 7.1
Wheelchair accessible Yes, please contact Pathé Customer Service via