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Together with H20 Esports Campus, we bring a completely new gaming experience to cinemas. Go!Gaming are gaming locations in our theatres where gamers, e-sporters and visitors can game together equipped with the best and newest gaming consoles and equipment there is.

The Go!Gaming locations are perfect for meeting one another, game together, compete with your friends or improve your skills through trainings created by real professionals.

Go!Gaming in Pathé Schouwburgplein, Pathé Utrecht Leidsche Rijn, Pathé Groningen, Pathé Nijmegen and Pathé Maastricht are now open! From Minecraft to Fortnite and from Rocket League to Sim Racing; at more than 40 gamingseats you will be able to experience these gaming worlds to the fullest and compete with your friends or other gamers. The gaming locations are equipped with the best gear, including 3080 RTX graphics cards, PlayseatⓇ Gaming Chairs and PlayseatⓇ Raceseats. Go!Gaming will also organise workshops, events and trainings to assist gamers improve their skills and work as a meeting ground for everyone. Book your spot through the button below.