Watch a Movie Or Be Part of One

Do you see an explosion or does it seem like you can feel the heat? Do you see your heroes on the white screen or do you feel like you are there? IMAX makes the difference between watching a film and experiencing a film.

Thanks to state-of-the-art film technology with crystal clear digital images and 12,000 Watt digital surround sound, you literally undergo the ultimate movie experience. IMAX has larger screens, sharper picture and louder sound than in other cinemas. Everything, from the film itself to the cinema technique and the auditorium has been specially designed to give people the feeling that they are really part of the film.

You can experience IMAX-movies in:
  • Pathé Arena Amsterdam
  • Pathé Spuimarkt Den Haag
  • Pathé Eindhoven
  • Pathé Schouwburgplein Rotterdam
  • Pathé Tilburg
  • Pathé Arnhem
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