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Pathé Student Discount

If you are a student in the Netherlands or a CJP cardholder, you can benefit from a range of discounts for our regular, 3D and IMAX films. You will receive at least a 15% discount on your ticket. The Pathé Student Discount can be used every day of the week, except on Fridays and Saturdays after 6.00 pm. 


  • The Pathé Student Discount or CJP Discount may differ per Pathé cinema.
  • To qualify for the ​Student Discount, you need to be registered as a student and you must show a valid student card from your college or university. 
  • CJP card holders need to show a valid CJP card.
  • You cannot claim a discount:
    - ​in combination with other promotions
    - for Pathé Events or other Specials 
    - on public holidays
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