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Ladies Night

Now in Ladies Night

Ocean's 8

Ocean's 8

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Enjoy a fun and relaxing evening with your friends at Pathé. Buy your tickets for Ladies Night, Ladies Night De Luxe or Ladies Night VIP online. 

Please note! Ladies Night kicks off one hour before the movie begins, so be on time! All events in the cinema hall will start at the time shown on your ticket. 

There’s a lot happening, so please bear in mind that Ladies Night may finish up to half an hour later than scheduled.

Pathé Ladies Night

Ladies Night goodiebag

Visitors to Pathé Ladies Night will receive:

  • A fresh beverage
  • A lovely goodie bag, filled with fun and delicious extras
  • Popcorn and a drink for during the film
  • A chance to win spectacular prizes

Pathé Ladies Night De Luxe

Ladies Night Deluxe goodiebag

In a select number of theatres* we organize the Pathé Ladies Night De Luxe, an evening with extra special treats for you and your friends:

  • A special welcome
  • Luxury beverages and bites
  • A lavish goodie bag
  • A chance to win spectacular prices
  • A chance to win the Golden Goodiebag (worth €300)

*Amersfoort, Tuschinski, Buitenhof, Haarlem, Helmond, de Kuip, Tilburg, Breda and Arnhem

Pathé Ladies Night VIP

Wanna feel like a movie star? Come to Pathé Eindhoven or Maastricht on our special VIP Ladies Night and enjoy the full Hollywood treatment! A ticket for the VIP Ladies Night costs €30 and includes:

  • A special welcome in our Pathé VIP Lounge
  • VIP wardrobe with attendant
  • Unlimited exclusive beverages and bites
  • VIP seating for the film
  • A lavish goodie bag
  • A chance to win spectacular prices
  • A chance to win the Golden Goodie Bag (with a value of €300)

Ladies Night is made possible by: