La Boda de Rosa (Rosa’s Wedding)
La Boda de Rosa (Rosa’s Wedding)

La Boda de Rosa (Rosa’s Wedding)

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From writer/director Icíar Bollaín (Take My Eyes, Even The Rain, Yuli), the joyous new romantic comedy ROSA’S WEDDING features the superb Candela Peña (Truman, Kiki, Love to Love) as a woman who finally decides to take charge of her life after always putting others first. Rosa, about to turn 45, realizes that she has always lived for others, so she decides to shake things up, leave it all and press the nuclear button. She wants to grab hold of the reins of her life and fulfill her dream of having her own business. But she soon discovers that her father, her siblings and her daughter have their own agenda, and that changing her life is going to be anything but easy since it is not in the family ‘script’. SPECIAL EVENT: The screenings will be followed by a Q&A with lead actress Candela Peña. Spanish drinks & ham will be served after the premiere to welcome you to the opening night of the festival!

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Deze voorstelling is onderdeel van het Amsterdam Spanish Film Festival.
This show is part of the Amsterdam Spanish Film Festival.