• Save for discount in the shop
  • Challenges in the Club Pathé app
  • Participate to win great prizes

Save for discounts in the shop

During each visit to Pathé, as a member, you earn points. Simply have your digital pass scanned at the checkout. For every euro you spend on tickets, or drinks and bites, you earn 10 points. You can redeem these points for cool items or discounts in our digital shop.

Additionally, you receive points by having your tickets scanned. Do you have a subscription with Pathé? Then, you receive points monthly, based on the duration of your subscription.


In addition to spending points in the shop, you can also participate in challenges through the Club Pathé app. For instance, you can collect digital stamps for a free ticket. Under 'Alle Acties,' you will find all active challenges. These challenges will vary per member. To collect stamps, scan your digital card when making a purchase. In the challenge description, you will find what you need to do to earn stamps.

Participate to win great prizes

As a member of Club Pathé, you also have the opportunity to win fantastic prizes, such as tickets to film premieres or exclusive goodies. Who knows, you might even win your own private cinema to celebrate your birthday with friends and family.

Download the club Pathé App

To make the most of your Club Pathé membership, download the Club Pathé App. In the app you can find the shop and the challenges, your digital card, and you can easily check your point collection and vouchers.


My Club Pathé

  • Manage tickets easily
  • Change your preferences and interests
  • Save for discounts

Earn and win

  • Earn points with every Pathé visit
  • Use points for discounts in the shop
  • Participate in challenges and giveaways

Pause subscription

  • Pause for 1 month per calendar year
  • Save your Explorer ticket for next month
  • Manage in your Club Pathé account