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Pathé Nijmegen

Parkeren voor de deur Pathé Nijmegen has its own parking lot in front of the cinema. The regular rate is €1.10 per 20 minutes. There is a special parking rate for Pathé visitors of €3.75 for a maximum of 4 hours.
Minvalid parking spots: The nearest disabled parking space can be found at Pathé Nijmegen's car park on Willem van Arenbergstraat.
Adres Willem van Arenbergstraat 4, 6515 AT Nijmegen
Tarief € 3,75

Public Transport
Bus vanaf station Lent If you come to Pathé Nijmegen by public transport, you can plan your journey (for example via to bus stop P+R Waalsprinter.
Bicycle path from Nijmegen Centraal From Nijmegen Centraal you can take the bicycle path from Nijmegen to Arnhem. You will arrive at Pathé Nijmegen in 10 minutes.
Opening hours
Dagelijks De bioscoop opent 15 minuten voor aanvang van de eerste voorstelling en sluit 10 minuten na de start van de laatste voorstelling.
General information
Stoelen 1911
Grootste zaal Zaal 1: 698 stoelen
Zalen 8 (Zaal 1: Dolby Atmos met Laser Projectie - Zaal 8: 4DX)
Lift Ja
Support Wheelchair facilities: All rooms are wheelchair-accessible and at ground level (via lift). Disabled toilet available.
Auditory and visual support: by means of Subcatch & Earcatch.
Lost & Found: Found objects are posted on within 48 hours.
Nuisance SMS code: SMS 'NIJMEGEN' 'room number' 'reason for support' naar 3669.